How do you feel when you are NOURISHED?


Typically we go throughout our lives taking care of others; putting our wellness on the back-burner. If we give ourselves time to enjoy pure nourishment, not only does it feel amazing, but that feeling reflects back onto other people in our lives. This is why we have set up a 3- hour event where you can care for your mind, body and soul and wait.....have fun?!!? Join us for this mindful experience:

60 Minutes YOGA: An all-levels vinyasa flow fueled by yogic philosophy and the intention of the practice. Together we create a fun and safe space through a thoughtfully arraigned playlist and sequence to explore and deepen your practice.

20 Minutes silent MEDITATION: Mantra-based meditation expert George will guide us towards inner-quietness through this time-tested practice. Through his truthful & purposeful guidance we continue our journey of self-nourishment.

A community-style MEAL with QUALITY conversations: By nourishing ourselves through what we feed our mind and body, we can obtain optimal well-being. During this meal, we will compliment a seasonal & locally inspired meal with quality, fun and inspiring conversations. For us, positivity promotes longevity and if we can display that during our time together then it is a job well done.



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Thank you George and Sydney for the first Nourish pop-up event of 2019! George took us through a 45 minute yoga session, followed by a 20-minute meditation, and then a powerful visualization. I had the honor to facilitate the goal setting activity for 2019 goals. And finally, we enjoyed an incredible plant-based meal created by the excellent chef Sydney. What you’ve created is very special. You will impact many communities like you did today in Nashua, NH. I will be back for more!
— JESSE HARLESS, Founder of Entrepreneurs in Recovery