After moving from Boston to pursue opportunities in the Health and Wellness Industry, we quickly fell for the contagious love of good food and good company found in Southern California. However, while living there we felt a deep, driving desire to move back to the East Coast to share our experiences from our travels.

That's when the idea of Nourish was created!

We wanted to create a fun, fresh space where the community could feel nourished and inspired. With George being a yoga, meditation and Ayurvedic lifestyle instructor and Sydney's interest in healthy living, we wanted to integrate a mindful lifestyle with wholesome food options.

Nourish is intended to be a shared space where we can encourage each other to be our best self, kick back, relax, but most importantly-have fun! As George likes to say: "you can't nourish anyone else until you take time to nourish yourself!"  

With love,

Sydney & George